Genesis (The Origin)

The name of our holdings company, Teck Guan, is derived from the name of our illustrious founder...

Datuk Seri Panglima Hong Teck Guan. The name is so beautiful and appropriate that in its original language, it is full of positive meanings and of philosophical value. Literally translated, it means "honourable source".

The deep-rooted and profound philosophy of Chinese thinking is well appreciated since thousands of years ago. The meaning of Teck Guan is the reflection and reminder of human behavior that all sources of income must be earned in an honourable way in accordance with the win-win principle for all parties concerned.

In life - whether the relationship is between spouses, parent and children, employer and employees, or friends - there will be harmony only if both sides win. In commerce, it is the same principle. Then who is losing or the provider of wealth? The ultimate answer is the Sun which has been losing for at least several hundred millions years, and will go on losing many millions of years to come. It is this provider of energy and consequently the warmth and food or wealth to human beings or living things on earth, enabling them to have win-win situation among themselves.

The name Teck Guan is synonymous with fair play, which is always possible, with the contribution of this honourable source or the provider of wealth - the Sun.

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