Zero Shade Cocoa Planting

Datuk Hong Ngit Ming
Executive Chairman of
Teck Guan Perdana Bhd

An extraordinary achievement!

This word aptly used to describe the Zero-Shade Cocoa Planting method by our Executive Chairman, Hong Ngit Ming. Cocoa yields have tripled in small estates and big plantations worldwide as well. He has succeeded where others have failed.

So, what is great about this Zero-Shade Cocoa Planting method?

Commercial planting of cocoa for the last 400 years was all under shade cover - Cocoa was originally found growing under jungle; it was thought that cocoa needed shade. Hong reasoned that since mango and citrus trees, first found growing in the jungle could be grown in the open fields without shade. The same could be applied to cocoa trees. Others before him attempted some isolated research and trial but all failed. Hong, through his own unique experiments and research made the breakthrough that cocoa trees could grow vigorously without shade in open fields. Hence the name " ZERO-SHADE COCOA".

Economic benefits from Zero-Shade Cocoa Planting

1. Cocoa yields have tripled and hence lower cost of production - sustains the cocoa businesses during abnormal climatic condition and eroded commodity prices.

2. No more shade planting; hence lower cost of planting and no competition for moisture during drought.

3. Precocity - yield much quicker, hence lower capital outlay, earlier and higher payback.

If you are interested to know more about this theory, please e-mail to: or buy his fascinating book : 'Development History of Zero-shade Cocoa And Its Theories - Let There Be Light' costing you only USD30 exclusive of freight.

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