Specifications for

Majulah Cocoa Powder and Cake

(Natural and Dutched Process)

Product Code :11-MK-80 11-MK-100 11-MK-200 11-MK-400 11-MK-600
Colour :Light Brown Medium Brown Medium Brown Mild Reddish BrownDark Reddish Brown
pH :5.3 - 5.7 6.8 - 7.1 7.1 - 7.4 7.3 -7.6 7.9 - 8.4
Butter content:11 ?1% 11 ?1% 11 ?1% 11 ?1% 11 ?1%IOCCC,115-1990
Ash content :less than 6%less than 9.5%less than 10%less than 12.5% less than 13.5%IOCCC,4a-1973
Flavour :cocoa aroma free from foreign odours and taints
Moisture content :less than 4.5%IOCCC,3/1952;105-1988
Fineness (wet) :99.7 ?0.2% passing through mesh 200 i.e. 75 microns (for Natural Powder only)IOCCC,13/1970;116-1990
Sediment test :over 6 minutes to settle 0.25 ml per litre (for Dutched Process Powder only)
Shell content :less than 1.75%AOAC,13.021
Lipase & proteinase :free from active lipase and proteinase
Standard plate count :less than 5,000 col/gIOCCC,118-1990 No.2
Moulds :less than 50 col/gIOCCC,118-1990 No.7
Yeasts :less than 50 col/gIOCCC,118-1990 No.7
E. coli in 1 g :absentIOCCC,118-1990 No.4
Salmonellae in 100 g :absentIOCCC,118-1990 No.8
Enterobacteriaceae in 1 g:absentIOCCC,118-1990 No.5
Packing for Cocoa Powder :export quality packing in 25 kg multi-wall kraft paper bag with an inner PE moisture barrier
Packing for Cocoa Cake :export quality packing in 40 kg multi-wall kraft paper bag with an inner PE moisture barrier
Notes :other range of pH, fat contents and colour can be considered and produced on request
The products are not subject to sterilization by fumigation or irradiation