The state of Sabah due to its geographical advantages is an ideal region for the development and advancement of agro-based industries, particularly oil palm and cocoa. Consequently, crude palm oil mills and refineries and construction industries are flourishing.

Teck Guan with its vast resource of technical know-how and land bank have since tapped Tawau's potential natural resources opportunity since 1950s.

Teck Guan today is operating minerals processing plants, palm oil mills, and cocoa processing factories, which have contributed substantially to the Sabah economy.

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Non-resource based

On the other side of Teck Guan industries' development, it has non-resource base operations with factories producing value added products like Clay bricks, Commercial Ice Blocks, full range of Steel building materials. This has assisted the growth of Tawau, in particular and Sabah as a whole.

On tourism development, Teck Guan has been operating hotel and resort services since 1960s and is flourishing with its main attraction of a Cocoa Village, which is a fun site with foreign tourists.