Teck Guan
- Craving to serve humanity 始终以造福人类为己任

Teck Guan is a Malaysia-based diversified multinational founded by the late Datuk Seri Panglima Hong Teck Guan (www.teckguan.com/datuk.html) in 1935. It has core businesses in plantations, industrial including oleo-chemicals, trading as well as other businesses.

With an annual turnover of around USD 1 billion and growing, Teck Guan is committed to excellence in all areas be it in businesses, environment and corporate social responsibility.It has well over 5,000 employees in over several countries. With its headquarters in the state of Sabah, in East Malaysia, Teck Guan has currently more than 80 companies.

Our corporate logo signifies our planet earth sustaining all forms of life by the Sun which is a non-mankind, non-earth provider of wealth. Since the source of wealth is identified, Teck Guan’s mission is therefore to develop hardware and software to harness this abundant free wealth, with a firm commitment to be a big global leader in making a sustainable prosperous society.

Our Vision
Craving to serve humanity. 始终以造福人类为己任。

Our Mission
To harness abundant wealth from non-earth resource.

Our Core Values
To conduct mutually beneficial and ethical relationship on the principles of honesty, integrity and sustainability.

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