Teck Guan Group started as pioneer in the cultivation of cocoa, fermentation and the drying of cocoa beans in the country since the mid-1950s. Since 1975  the cocoa beans produced by our estates have been used as raw materials for our two cocoa grinding factories, namely Majulah Koko Tawau Sdn Bhd and Cacao Paramount Sdn Bhd.

Our flagship Tawau Cocoa Estate with cocoa producing high yields, is planted on volcanic soil which is very fertile and has an ideal texture. These hybrid trees consist mainly of the Amelonado species (with a superior chocolate flavour and is grown only in two remaining areas in Malaysia), PBC 123 (Prang Besar Cocoa), BR 25 (Balung River) and TG (Teck Guan) clonal plants.  These clonal plants are specially selected clones for their high yield, resistance to diseases and big bean size (averaging below 90 beans per 100 grams compared to 100 beans for SMC 1A grade beans).  These characteristics , coupled with a unique fermentation and drying process employed by us, enable our cocoa beans to command a premium price in overseas markets.

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Teck Guan is also the pioneer for Zero Shade Cocoa Planting of cocoa trees which is proven to increase cocoa yield by at least three times.  This practice has been adopted by many estate owners as well as big plantation owners not only in Tawau, Sabah alone but throughout Malaysia and overseas.

As a result of continuous R & D, we are the first to start large scale planting of bud-grafted clonal trees and side-grafting of cocoa trees with clonal buds.  Consequently, cocoa trees are more resistant to disease, give substantially higher yield and produce larger bean size with more consistent characteristics and quality.

Although the technical and processing aspects of cocoa have been mastered, field management of cocoa is another important aspect, especially with the emergence and spread of the Cocoa Pod Borer (CPB) pest, which demands a continuous process of monitoring , control, training and review of the activities in the cocoa plantation.  Teck Guan is regarded as a leader in this aspect as well.

As long as the market price for cocoa remains sustainably high, the future outlook for this crop in Tawau will be promising for gainful pursuit. At Tawau Cocoa Estate, we have already maximised land use for this wonderful crop. In fact is a pleasant spot to visit for researchers, buyers and visitors.

For further expansion and diversification in the agriculture sector, the cultivation of oil palm was started by Teck Guan in Lahad Datu in the 1960s and later interestified throughout the east coast of Sabah. We are still continuing our process of acquiring suitable land for development into oil palm plantation with superior planting materials from reputable suppliers to ensure long-term sustainability, high yield and profitability.

The increasing use of biodesiel using palm oil has created vast opportunity for the palm oil industry.

Today in the Tawau region, most of our oil palm areas are located at Serudong, the previous logging area just near the Indonesian border. Daily FFB from our estates are delivered by boats, lorries and trailers by our trusted transporters to three of our oil mills built at strategic locations for speedy processing into CPO. A few more oil mills will also be constructed in the very near future to cope with the increasing crop from the maturing palms. We continue to work hard in innovations and aim to be  the leading player in the oil palm industry in Sabah, Malaysia.