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Realising Excellent Sustainability beyond Frontier -- Harnessing for and providing the world the most precious treasures: dependability, inexhaustibility, perpetuity from the Green

Teck Guan Group is a Malaysian homegrown business conglomerate, which started from humble beginnings in the late 1930s. Over the years, Teck Guan Group has firmly established itself in core business areas of Agriculture, Trading, and Industry. Today, Teck Guan Group with its headquarters in the state of Sabah, is comprised of more than 80 companies. Currently, our company has identified oleo-chemicals processing as the key growth areas for enhancement of the group activities. Our plant runs on several types of feed stocks such as palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil and other vegetable oils. We have an installed capacity of 400 MT/day or 130,000 MT/year of fatty alcohols and fractionated fatty acids and USP Glycerine, using the latest Lurgi's Wax Ester process. Mixed acids or alcohols of required compositions will be blended to meet customer requirements. The plant is equipped with the latest computerized control system allowing for continuous monitoring of all operating parameters and ensures consistency in products quality to meet customers' stringent requirements.

The world is dreaded by the exhaustible, environmentally unfriendly and cartel-based supply of fossil raw materials for the manufacturing of numerous products including surfactant - fatty alcohols. It is for this reason that Teck Guan group embarked on the usage of renewable, inexhaustible, sustainable, perpetual, dependable, environmentally friendly green raw materials instead.

It is a bold step for us. It is revolutionary - in both human thinking and changing to green-based raw materials. It is our earnest effort in the preservation of the green Earth. It is our passion.

In the past, fatty alcohols were derived from the exhaustible petroleum oils, which are the main culprits for global warming. Teck Guan now produces them from the renewable and environmentally friendly palms, which contribute positively to climatic change through substantial effective carbon sequestration (Teo, 2004).

Reference: Teo,C.H. 2004. Selling the Green Palm Oil Advantage. Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal 4(1): 22-31.


User and Environmental Friendly Oleo-chemical Industry

The palm oil based oleo-chemical industry is regarded by Teck Guan Group as another key growth area for the enhancement of the group's activities. Having carried out extensive and vigorous studies on the various aspects of this industry, which is increasingly gaining popularity over petroleum based oleo-chemical industry, our group has decided that natural fatty alcohol production is the most viable, natural choice. Indeed, our oleo-chemical process, which uses leading German high technology, is a further progression of downstream refining from normal palm oil refining.

Our plant complex is located in the Rugao Economic Development Area, Jiangsu Province, China and is situated next to the deep water bank of the Yangtze River, directly opposite the Zhangjiagang Oil Terminal. Our complex is 1.5 hours’ drive from Shanghai and 1 hour drive to Nanjing (Capital of Jiangsu Province).

Wide Uses and Applications for Natural Oleo-chemicals

The products from our plant are natural fatty alcohol, fatty acids and glycerine, which are used as raw materials by big international oleo-chemical companies and others in the production of personal care products, cleaning products, surfactants and many other consumer and industrial products.

Due to its wide uses and many practical applications, and its user and environmental friendly characteristics, natural oleo-chemicals are gaining importance from day to day.
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