New Year Eve Dinner and Gala A Great Success on 28th January 2010

At 18:18, 28 January 2010, New Year Eve Dinner and the thematic gala began. Highlight of the night was “Red”, the theme color selected for the event. Some members of the staff were showing their best and fantastic prowess and talents in maneuvering the red color. Many were showing off their attires and accessories in red, like red dresses, red hats, red shoes and such costume and supplements enhanced the already jubilant ambiance. The joyfulness ignited the warmth in the hearts of all in the freezing winter.

Event of the night started with the speech given by the Director, Mr. Y. C. Hong. Mr. Hong summarized the year 2009 as an eventful year, and wished for a promising year in 2010. The year 2009 was behind us. With the commencement of production of fatty alcohol products, we strongly believed that the year 2010 would be a fruitful year. His hope was to see that we could work together with full efforts, dedication and commitment as a team, hand in hand, to overcome all hurdles and obstacles in charting a new chapter of greater success. The speech of Mr Hong was full of inspiration and motivation that inflamed the working spirit in us.

The dinner was interposed with various cultural events and lucky draws. The content of the program was full of richness, all made and performed by the highly talented co-workers. There were singing, dancing, magic shows, harmonica solo, flute solo and many more. All these demonstrated the vibrancy and love of life of our co-workers.

Surprises exploded throughout the night. Lucky draws never seemed to end. Prizes were so abundant and full of varieties such that a third of the co-workers received prizes.

Close As One Family

The gala ended in the trailing melody of the theme song “As Close As One Family”. Warmth and vigor permeated the whole scene. It was a scene befitting the theme of the evening - the Company cares for the workforce and each employee returns his love for the Company. That was the culmination of a perfect and harmonious employer-employee relationship.


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