The 4th Fatty Acid and Glycerine Marketing Forum in China, 2nd August 2007

The Marketing Forum on Fatty Acid and Glycerine 2007, organized by CBI was held from 1st to 3rd August 2007 in Yue Hua Hotel, Xiamen on a grand scale. Our chairman, Mr. Hong Ngit Ming and Ms. Hong Syn Yee were invited to attend the forum. During the forum, Mr. Hong spoke liberally on his views and experience on the aspect of enterprise management.

This forum achieved a record in its history in terms of scale and number of participants as it was strongly supported by the participation of 197 delegates from 137 entities from within and outside the country, comprising suppliers, traders, downstream users and equipments suppliers in the fatty acid, glycerine, fatty alcohol, palm oil and biodiesel industries.

In the forum, the delegates elaborated in detail on the situation of supply and demand of fatty acid and glycerine, the future development and trend of downstream industries and the demand of raw materials, etc. They had also conducted in-depth and outstanding analyses and introductions surrounding the theme of the forum from different angles.

The meeting was a scene of busy activities with frequent applauses throughout.


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