A1 Clayon/AC200

Clayon is 100% mined from natural quarry. It is used for kernel and shell separation in palm oil mills. Clayon has specific gravity of 2.71. Compared to similar products with the same mesh size, Clayon gives better colloidal or suspension effect in clay bath. Clayon is 14 ppm soluble in water, thus it easily raises the specific gravity of the clay bath to 1.12 - 1.18.
1) High kernel recovery.
2) Lower substrate consumption.
3) 100% raw material from natural quarry.
4) Mild and non-hazardous to human.
5) Odour free.
6) Cost saving.
7) Reasonable price.
8) With 90% fineness. Clayon passing through mesh 300 AC200 passing through mesh 100.

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Clayon / AC200